First Year Student Orientation


Pre-Registration Checklist

  •  Register for an Orientation Session 
  •  Confirm Your Math Placement   
  •  Confirm Your English Placement 
  •  Submit Your College Credit
  •  Review Your Student Profile
  •  Confirm your Fall 2022 Schedule
  •  Computer Requirement
  •  Enginuity Hall
  •  Stay Connected

After you read the following contents of this webpage, if you have additional questions, you can email us at by following these instructions: 

  1. Send the email from your UCR email account. 
  2. Use the subject line: First Name + Last Name + Orientation (ex: John Doe Orientation). 
  3. Along with your questions, please include your 9-digit Student Identification (SID) number in the body of the email (86-------).
  • How to Register in Classes for Fall 2022

    How to register for fall 2022: Registering for Classes | Office of the Registrar | UCR 


    Start registering for classes at your initial enrollment appointment time/time ticket *. See the academic calendar to find out when you can see your appointment time via R’Web or view instructions here. You may register during initial and makeup enrollment. During initial enrollment, undergraduate students may register for a maximum of 17 units. During makeup enrollment, the maximum for undergraduate students is increased according to the college in which you belong at the start of 2nd pass. See the academic calendar for all registration phases to include the timing of when 2nd pass begins. 

    R’Web is normally available 24/7 except for occasional maintenance periods. Please note staff support is not available during non-business hours. 

  • Register for an Orientation Session

    Register here:

    Highlander Orientation 2022 will be held in a hybrid format. We will welcome you to UCR for a traditional two-day on campus experience followed by a virtual advising/registration session with the Bourns College of Engineering.  Highlander Orientation is mandatory for incoming BCOE students. 

    BCOE will host 8 in-person orientation sessions during Highlander Orientation on the following dates:

    • Session 1 – July 7–8, 2022 
    • Session 2 – July 11–12, 2022
    • Session 3 – July 14–15, 2022 
    • Session 4 – July 18–19, 2022
    • Session 5 – July 21-22, 2022
    • Session 7 – July 28–29, 2022 
    • Session 8 – August 1–2 , 2022
    • Session 9 – August 4–5, 2022

    Please note the virtual advising/registration sessions will be held after your in-person orientation session. Students will register for one of the sessions below.  In order to participate in an advising/registration session, you need to complete an in-person orientation session and Adv 101

    Here are BCOE’s virtual advising/registration dates:

    • Advising/Registration Session 1- July 25, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 2 - July 28, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 3 - August 1, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 4 - August 4, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 5 - August 8, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 6 - August 11, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 7 - August 15, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 8 - August 18, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 9 - August 22, 2022
    • Advising/Registration Session 10 - August 25, 2022

    To register for a session or ask any questions about Highlander Orientation, please visit

  • Confirm Your Math Placement

    BCOE strongly encourages all incoming first-year students to take the Mathematics Advisory Exam (MAE) regardless of your expected AP results.

    The MAE is an online placement test to place first year students into an appropriate entry-level Mathematics course.  Taking the MAE provides BCOE with the necessary placement information to create your Fall 2022 schedule, especially if your AP exam scores arrive after your Highlander Orientation session. It is also possible your exam score will not impact your Fall 2022 schedule.  For example, a score of 2 on the AP Calculus BC exam will not help you with math placement.

    Here is the webpage with more information on the Mathematics Advisory Exam:

    You do not have to take the MAE if you earned one of the following exam scores:



    Math Placement

    Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus (AB) Exam


    MATH 005

    Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus (AB) Exam

    3, 4, 5

    MATH 009B

    Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus (BC) Exam


    MATH 009C

    Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus (BC) Exam

    4, 5


    International Baccalaureate (IB) Mathematics Exam

    5, 6, 7

    MATH 009B



    BCOE will honor the highest placement results.  If you receive your test scores after your orientation session and those scores impact your Fall 2022 schedule, please let us know and we can help you adjust your schedule. The instructions for email advising are at the top of this webpage.

    If you have transferable college credit at the Pre-Calculus (Math 5 at UCR) level or higher from an accredited institution of higher education, please visit to verify how your Mathematics course transfers to UCR from a California Community College.  You should also make sure to submit an official transcript with this college credit to Admissions.


    • Please make sure your AP scores are sent to UCR. Please visit for more information.
    • Failure to confirm your math placement may prevent you from registering for a math course during your Orientation session.  
    • Students can only register for a math course with an MAE score, AP Calculus credit, IB Mathematics credit, or transferrable Math college credit. 
    • You will need documentation of this credit to register for the appropriate mathematics course.
  • Confirm Your English Placement

    The Entry-Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) is a University of California reading and writing proficiency requirement that all first-year students must satisfy.  The ELWR must be satisfied either before beginning courses at UCR or during the first year of enrollment.  You can satisfy the Entry-Level Writing Requirement by earning qualifying test scores and grades or passing the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE). 

    If you have not already satisfied the ELWR by submitting your official documentation that clears the requirement to UCR Admissions, BCOE strongly encourages all incoming freshmen to take the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) regardless of your expected AP results. 

    Taking the AWPE provides BCOE with the necessary placement information to create your Fall 2022 schedule if your AP exam scores arrive after your Highlander Orientation session. It is also possible that your exam score may not impact your Fall 2022 schedule.

    BCOE will honor the highest placement results.  If you receive your test scores after your orientation session and those scores impact your fall 2022 schedule, please contact BCOE for help in adjusting your schedule. You will receive more information on this process during your Orientation session.

    For more information on the ELWR and the AWPE, please visit


    • We strongly encourage you to make sure your AP scores are sent to UCR. 
    • Failure to confirm your English placement may prevent you from registering for an English course during your Orientation session.  

    The following exam scores may impact your Fall 2022 schedule:

    AP Examination 

    Minimum Score


    English (Language/Composition)


    ENGL 001A

    English (Language/Composition)


    ENGL 001A, ENGL 001B

    English (Literature/Composition)


    ENGL 001A

    English (Literature/Composition)


    ENGL 001A, ENGL 001B

    If you completed an English Composition Course at another college/university, please visit to verify how your English Composition course(s) will transfer to UCR.  You should also make sure to submit an official transcript with this college credit to Admissions.

  • Submit Your College Credit

    Some of you will come to UCR with college credit, including:

    Please make sure you submit all of your standardized testing scores (AP, IB, etc.) and final transcripts from your high school or former educational institutions before your orientation session. For credit that impacts your Fall 2022 schedule, we will need documentation of this credit to help you with registration. 

  • Review Your Student Profile

    In order to have a smooth registration experience, please make sure you review the placement information and exam credit posted on your Student Profile in R’Web.  

    To view placement results and exam credit on your Student Profile: 

    1. Log into your R'Web account (
    2. Select "Student Profile"-->"Prior Education and Testing".

    You will be able to view your MAE results, AWPE results, and AP exam credit.  If you have college credit from another college/university, you can review your “Unofficial Transcript” in Student Profile. 

  • Confirm Your Fall 2022 Schedule


    Note: Students with Higher Math placement have credit for MATH 009A, MATH 009B and MATH 009C.

    This webpage will help you use R'Web to register for your Fall 2022 courses:

  • BCOE ADV 101

    What’s ADV 101?


    ADV 101 is a course we created to help you register for the right courses for the Fall 2022 quarter.  All incoming first-year students are required to complete ADV 101 in order to register for Fall 2022 courses.


    ADV 101 will reinforce the information on this checklist, introduce our Engineering First-Year Learning Communities (EFLC),  to help you confirm your Fall 2022 schedule. To help you prepare for and complete ADV 101, we strongly suggest you read all items on this checklist.


    All incoming first-year students will receive an email (R’Mail) from BCOE Advising with the ADV 101 link 2 weeks before their advising/registration date. Students who do not complete ADV 101 by the deadline will receive a registration hold so we can assist you before your registration date.

  • Computer Requirement 

    Please review this webpage for all the details related to the college’s laptop requirement:

  • Enginuity Hall 

    Enginuity Hall is a living-learning community (LLC) designed for students in the Bourns College of Engineering. To learn more about Enginuity Hall, please visit this webpage:

    To request an LLC, be sure to select the community you're interested in when you submit your Residence Hall Contract in the MyHousing portal (

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding access to the MyHousing portal, please email

  • Stay Connected

    Email is the primary way we will reach out to you with important information and requests to help you transition to the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering.  Please continue to check your R’Mail account for all updates!